Importance Of Control

Organization control is the regulating of organizational activities to make sure that the activities are in line with the established standards that are set in tasks, goals and standard of performance.

Importance of reports

When controlling performance standards it is important to analyze reports. This way you can see the current standard of performance and compare it to earlier results and the industry norms. By comparing results you can see if the standard of performance has increased or decreased, you can also see if a company is competitive in comparison to their competitors in the same industry.

There are many financial indicators that can be used to make sure that the company is where it wants to be. A balance sheet can be used which is an indicator of the financial position of a company at a particular point in time in relation to its assets and liabilities. A statement of financial performance can be used to show the performance of the company during a given period.  The period is normally one ear but sometimes it is done every three months to make sure that the company is on track to meet its goals. Another indicator that is used is the bottom line report which shows the company’s net income for a particular period.

The importance of budgets

These show the financial standards that are set in the company. This is very important because cash is like the blood of the company and if budgets are not taken seriously a company can be in big trouble. Budgets can show a lot of problems that a company never knew they had. If production costs keep exceeding budgets this can be an indication that machines are becoming too old.

To improve business cash flow budgets are very important. A cash budget will show the estimated and reported cash flow for a particular period. This means that businesses will know what state their cash flow is in and then can take steps to improve it.

Expense budgets show the incurred and expected costs that departments and companies will incur. Revenue budgets show the expected revenue and the actual revenue that a company gets. Capital budgets show the panned investments and the deprecation on these investments

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By learning new things controlling will become easier and managers can connect to employees better.